Welcome to Athena.

Strengthen your skills with continuous learning

In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom - known as the helper and advisor of heroes like Perseus, Hercules, and Prometheus.

In the spirit of Athena, Skyline ATS presents a continuous learning experience that shares the wisdom of technology experts and provides access to advisors that can guide you, our customer heroes, on your learning journey.

Athena gives you 12 months of complimentary access to resources that are designed to optimize your learning potential before, during and after your training class.

Whether you're preparing for the new CCNA certification or complementing your network career, enjoy these exclusive benefits to boost your skills.

Athena members have exclusive access to 12 months of unparralled resources including:

  • Weekly Webinars
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Personal Knowledge Advisors
  • Expert Email Support

...And more to come as we continously add new features.

Stay updated on our new Athena features, how to access your exclusive benefits, and more by filling out the form on the right. We'll keep you updated as new information is rolled out.

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